The Best Denture Adhesives

A Look At The Best Denture Adhesives Currently Available

For many people, getting dentures is a necessary step to maintaining good oral health. Dentures have many positive benefits. However, finding the right dental adhesives is important, so that people can avoid their dentures shifting, which can be embarrassing. Dental adhesives come in different strips, pastes, and powders. With that being said, here is a look at the best dental adhesives currently available on the market.


Sea-Bond is available in the form of strips. The Sea-Bond adhesive has an odor fighting substance that allows you to have fresh breath while you are wearing your dentures. Sea-Bond is known for its unique design. The strips have a solid yet flexible fit, which allows people to easily apply them.


Secure denture adhesives are non water soluble and also help create a lengthy bond between the gums and dentures. Secure has multiple variations of their adhesive that people can choose from. Secure is available in cream form as well as cushion strips.

Super Poligrip

The Super Poligrip brand offers people sturdy and reliable seal strips. There are enough strips to help assist with both upper and lower denture fittings. One of Super Poligrip’s most popular features is their tightly fitted grip, which seals off any food or liquid particles from damaging the dentures.

Olivafix Gold

Olivafix Gold is known for its strength and reliability. Olivafix Gold is made with organic agreements such as olive oil. Olivafix does not contain any zinc, parabens, or petrochemicals. Olivafix Gold provides long lasting comfort, as one tube could potentially last for a few months.

Fixodent Cream

Fixodent Cream is formulated to offer people a unique denture fit that will eliminate gum soreness. Fixodent also contains mouthwash ingredients to help prevent bad breath. Fixodent helps seal off both tiny and large food particles.

Cushion Grip

Cushion Grip is a popular choice among customers for its long lasting relief. A single application of Cushion Grip can last for multiple days. The ingredients in Cushion Grip are designed to eliminate potential slippage. Cushion Grip seals off food and is compatible with plastic plates and porcelain.


Effergrip emphasizes quality and user safety. Effergrip uses a zinc free formula. While there are no product variations, Effergrip does offer customers different sizes of their product. Effergrip’s cream lasts all day long.


Ezo likes to refer to their denture strips as cushions. Ezo denture cushions are compatible with older and loose dentures that could pull some teeth apart. Ezo has a vacuum grip that helps people enjoy a reliable fit for their dentures. Ezo’s ingredients allow them to make sure that customers will not have to worry about dealing with an odor or unpleasant taste while they use the product.

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