The Ultimate Denture Care Guide

Everyone wants a happy, healthy smile, no matter what age. When you wear dentures, however, the steps to caring for your teeth are a little bit different than traditional dental care. And without the proper knowledge, denture-wearers are susceptible to common complications that could damage their dentures or even their overall oral health.

But don’t let these risks intimidate you! Our infographic will tell you just how to treat your dentures, as well as which actions to avoid so that you don’t wear your dentures down prematurely. We’ve also listed some of the worst foods for dentures, from sticky foods like peanut butter to tough ones like steak.

Obviously, the best way to take care of your oral health is to schedule regular checkups with your dentist and to clean your mouth regularly after removing your dentures. But taking care of the dentures themselves requires its own regimen. If you’re not already, integrate these tips into your daily life, and you’ll have a great smile for years to come!

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